Saturday, January 22, 2011

Schrift in Berlin, pt. 1: Alexanderplatz

I went to the Bauhaus Archive museum today. It was very cool. I saw some more drawings, models and things by all the famous Bauhaus greats: Mies van der Rohe, Gropius, etc. I liked (of course) one quotation of Herbert Bayer the exhibit had up on the wall: "wir schreiben alles klein, denn wir sparen damit zeit." Bayer wanted to reject was he perceived as German over-use of capitals. Turns out a typeface has been developed based on his drawings:

When I emerged from the U Bahn at Alex afterward, I decided to start a bit of a photo project to go along with my wanderings. There isn't much point, except to take pictures of Schrift in Berlin because I like it. Unfortunately, the photography is not good thanks to my low-level camera and perpetually bad light in Berlin. Alas, life goes on. So, for today, here is Schrift in Berlin, pt. 1: Alexanderplatz.

Tomorrow I will go back to the library (for real this time), then probably check out the Käthe Kollwitz museum. I might even take a break from talking about type/lettering. Maybe.

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  1. love the photo montage! Keep that up, and make sure you clarify what you are documenting if it is not clear. Bayer is great: Think about deutsche Schrift in the age of SMS, Twitter, URLs, usw., usf versus the illegibility of German handwriting (cf. Grass on Fontane's in "Ein weites Feld"...not really, just know that it is SUPER hectic). Time seems to be lurking all over the place in your project.