Sunday, January 16, 2011

Departure Day!

Today's the day!

I'm flying out of Newark this evening, and I'm ready to go. Even though this blog is mostly for my academic work, there will be pictures!

Besides reading up on various secondary work relating to women in the Weimar Republic, I've been investigating various must-do things in Berlin to check out. For anyone that has been, please give addition/subtraction suggestions!

  1. All major museums, including modern art, national museum, etc.
  2. Bauhaus-archiv museum
  3. Woyzeck!! (This one's for you GM297) Plus, it has music by Tom Waits!
  4. East side gallery (again)
  5. Berghain? I'll at least look at the outside...
  6. Kunsthaus Tacheles. I don't know too much about this gallery, but it's on my block and looks cool.
  7. Deutsche Kinemathek- Museum for Film and Television- self explanatory.
  8. etc...give me your ideas!
Wish me luck on my journey!

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