Sunday, January 30, 2011

A relaxing weekend, Volksbühne and all

I've taken a couple days off of working (if that's what I'm going to call what I do) to relax a bit and hang out with friends. Tonight I went to a show called SCHMEISS DEIN EGO WEG at the Volksbühne. It was exactly as outrageous and way over my head as I expected. One more thing I wished Herr Shahan were there for to explain. There were only about three characters, all arguing about Seele and Körper and the vierte Wand, which there physically was on the stage separating the audience from the set, back and forth from which the actors would move throughout. Whenever they went back behind, a strange camera projection would show on the wall above. I got the Brecht reference and bits and pieces of the humor, but I basically missed the whole point, I think. It was still pretty awesome. I might go back to see Tod eines Praktikanten.

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