Sunday, February 13, 2011

Goodbye Berlin!

Berlin life is a definite whirlwind. I've been milking my last days with all my wonderful new friends here, only to come down with an epic cold. Gross.

Despite feeling terrible, I went last night to the Berliner Ensemble to see the Kaukasische Kreidekreis. It was so good. I was super impressed by the acting, production, etc. I also find it hilarious how long German curtain calls are. Anyway, I have proceeded to spend this entire day packing and being sick.

Tomorrow is my last day in Berlin. My to do list is long: I have to finish packing, do laundry, meet friends, meet landlord, move out, etc. etc. I wish the last moments could be a bit more leisurely, but moving out of places never is.

All in all, this month has been amazing. My academic achievements have been questionable in their usefulness to my original purpose, but I don't feel like the time was wasted. I discovered some really interesting things and went to a record number of museums. I was really worried when I was planning this trip that I would be super lonely, but somehow I managed to meet a bunch of great people (thanks Ox!) and it's been just fabulous.

Thanks for the support, Herr Prof. Shahan, Friends, Family, etc.

I think I will keep blogging in Freiburg, but much less often.

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